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I wonder what other 'sides' there are - I hate onion rings!

It would be a couple of big fish and chip butties for me while simultaneously scooping peas.

Comment from : Berkcam

Jason Strong
I need Ketchup bro then eat it easy.
Comment from : Jason Strong

J Eisy
If I had a dollar for every time you threw up during a video your trying to make money on.. I'd have like 15 bucks
Comment from : J Eisy

Nat S.
Makes me so hungry. Had so many Harry Ramsden Fish and Chips when we were over there. They are so so so good. Better than any fast food we ever had anywhere in the world (Asian, European, Australian, American food).
Comment from : Nat S.

Nelson Tshepo Kunene
Shut up and Eat...and shut up about ManU #Gunner4Life
Comment from : Nelson Tshepo Kunene

Eugenia Thomas
OMG! I definitely would do this challenge minus the mushy peas they remind me of baby food
Comment from : Eugenia Thomas

ButterSnaps Wright
I 😍 🐠 and ChiPs 🍟
Comment from : ButterSnaps Wright

Ali Noor Ahmed
Do you have a girlfriend randy?
Comment from : Ali Noor Ahmed

judith pallanza
Can you make out with me like you made out with that fish? Dam that turned me on.
Comment from : judith pallanza

Kyrie Ervin Jay Boribor
Hey Everybody this is Randy Santel 💪💪💪💪💪💪 Atlas
Comment from : Kyrie Ervin Jay Boribor

Canal 9 de Mendoza
Fabuloso reto, tan bien pescado sin espinas. Saludos.
Comment from : Canal 9 de Mendoza

Damn !!!!!! He is gonna take the shit of the year !!!
Comment from : Serge TONNERIEUX

oh yummy
Comment from : enlowkimberly35

Keely Seeders
Oh Gosh i grew up spending my summers in Kentucky fishing with my grandparents and them skinning/frying their own fried fish but this had me drooling and looked amazing!!! Great Job as always. Thank you for sharing!!!
Comment from : Keely Seeders

lee clark
Harry Ramsden is a dear fish and chip shop here in England I think anyway
Comment from : lee clark

m.Redhead msr
No not Harry's..it's frozen and shir
Comment from : m.Redhead msr

Geoff Joffy
My cat could eat that in a minute. Hardly nothing there.
Comment from : Geoff Joffy

Where's your dessert mother fucker ? #FakeNews
Comment from : entertainmesala

The soundtrack to this video is the jam! What is it called? Anyone?
Comment from : ClearlyCaribbeanReb

you're supposed to make a chip butty with the bread lol
Comment from : masterplanner1000

milne seymour
you forgot to say boom
Comment from : milne seymour

Steve Roth
This son of a gun TALKS TOO MUCH !!!!!
Comment from : Steve Roth

Mark Norville
I have had Harry Ramsden's fish and chips once, never thought much of it to be honest. The best fish and chips that I have ever tasted came from a Chinese takeaway, used to do a mile round trip just to eat those bad boys.
Comment from : Mark Norville

Wolf Lamb
You a,ways say "shut up and ear", yet you blah blah away precious seconds..
Comment from : Wolf Lamb

Oh God where's The malt vinegar and tartar sauce that meal looks great... Best fish and chips I ever had was in England
Comment from : SirWrecksy

jeff obee
So humble a true Gent and Titan!!
Bravo and well done Randy dude!!! :)

Comment from : jeff obee

J. Kelley
Glory glory man United!
Comment from : J. Kelley

Comrade Timur
No Coke... Yippee Kay Yay!
Comment from : Comrade Timur

Chad Campbell
That's so funny, it looked like you were making out with that fish lol
Great video Randy!

Comment from : Chad Campbell

Anonymous Joker
Yummy 😋
Comment from : Anonymous Joker

Alex Franck
joke of a challenge. I can finish that in 20 minutes, without even trying
Comment from : Alex Franck

Prince Wu
Yea u kiss that fish atlas really give it to her 😂😂
Comment from : Prince Wu

Zulu Boa
Tried it............. And failed............. Ate the fish, half the chips.......... A little of the rest but fuck me the mound of chips i got.... The offer was the wal of fame, sweet t-short and your next Whale on the house. Maybe a slightly different challenge but the COD was amazing!
Comment from : Zulu Boa

Terry B
No Boom
Comment from : Terry B

John Dunn
I bet Randy gives a mean blojob go Randy suck that rod
Comment from : John Dunn

Hi Baby
Slowly Randy lowers his head and begins to wrap his lips around the base of that tender hot and juicy flesh, seemingly to enjoy it as he lets his tongue savor every succulent bite as he swallows!..Oooooooo!..lol
Comment from : Hi Baby

Ranabesh Roy
What fish is this ??
Comment from : Ranabesh Roy

Rabbi Goldstienburgowitz
Comment from : Rabbi Goldstienburgowitz

emma mellor
Misses a perfect chance for a mushy pea sandwich with a little salt and vinegar 😏
Comment from : emma mellor

Douglas quai
What's with the modern porn music Randy?
Comment from : Douglas quai

Kevin Peck
Way to go Randy!
That was amazing!

Comment from : Kevin Peck

Moon cat Grenadier
Randy the small pieces of batter are called scrumps.
Comment from : Moon cat Grenadier

Rose Wood
Well done , as always
Comment from : Rose Wood

600 grams? What does that even mean without a converter app?
Comment from : InSearchOf

Giannis Lekkakos
Grate white shark
Comment from : Giannis Lekkakos

Jester Valentine
I wouldn't call that a challenge looked like a fairly regular portion
Comment from : Jester Valentine

Big Black
So randy we don't chew these days lol big ups
Comment from : Big Black

Stefaan Van de Velde
You didn’t say “boom”!
Comment from : Stefaan Van de Velde

Edward Irvine
I could eat that no problem i wouldnt xall that a challenge.
Comment from : Edward Irvine

Charlton Bolden
Go, Randy!
Comment from : Charlton Bolden

Craig Bruce
No Sauce on the fish...? what an animal.
Comment from : Craig Bruce

The Alabama Bushcrafter
Why do you do the sign of the cross everytime u pig out ? Are you a fucking catholic child predator
Comment from : The Alabama Bushcrafter

j v
Fish looks great but smaller cutletts would be a LOT batter! (xcuse the pun) English chips are totally crap. (my wife is English and i am Dutch born) Almost always too big and dripping with fat. Disgusting. You have to go to Belgium or Holland for the best chips. Then you don't need fish. And mushy peas .... what were they thinking...
Comment from : j v

David Hutchinson
Damn the way u go down on the fish is like giving a bj
Comment from : David Hutchinson

I would be more excited too if the meal was for free.
Comment from : SUDHIR PATEL

My hero
Comment from : samisheikh111

Take the ‘C’ off ‘chips’ what do you get?........
Comment from : samisheikh111

paul walters
Not a challenge , I eat that on a friday night for my dinner.
Comment from : paul walters

Shawntae Stepter
The way he was eating that fish had me feeling some type of way
Comment from : Shawntae Stepter

emilio granero
Nice one mate
Comment from : emilio granero

Holly Johnson
@2.05 can u eat pussy like that??
Comment from : Holly Johnson

George McNally
Jeez Randy, I'm sure glad you took your time on that fish so you could enjoy it..........I'd hate to see you eat it in a hurry :-)
Comment from : George McNally

Hadi Naqui
Great challenge all for £20.00
Comment from : Hadi Naqui

I felt like a peeping Tom when he was devouring that fish! I had to look away! *blushing*....
Comment from : goatbut29

Zeta Pinder
I’ve never seen any man eat fish that sexily🤪🤪❤️
Comment from : Zeta Pinder

I'm in england and that cod and onion rings looked greasy
Comment from : SAIYANUNKNOWN

Ric Witheld
That challenge was just a warm up for him 😂
Comment from : Ric Witheld

Kristopher Keefer
Love his videos but this one looks like he's honkin on bobo a little bit!
Comment from : Kristopher Keefer

Irish Sean
Even the couple on the menu were hungry at just watching this challenge.....
Comment from : Irish Sean

Suzy Siviter
Harry Ramsden's no longer a good fish shop, its overpriced and substandard compared with a good one.
Comment from : Suzy Siviter

stan giles
chip butty, man
Comment from : stan giles

stan giles
malt vinegar
Comment from : stan giles

I wish my wife attacked me like he did that fish.
Comment from : Sonortubelug

lou carey
that shit looks absolutely delicious.
Comment from : lou carey

randy life for eat
Comment from : MrReen1984

Giz Rodriguez
man, you made me hungry!!! haha love all your videos. keep smashing on that yummy food!!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Comment from : Giz Rodriguez

Dong Johnson
You can't beat an old chippy, that fish looked top notch.
Comment from : Dong Johnson

Is it a piece of regular newspaper for onion rings or is it a food service paper looking like a newspaper?
Comment from : ДРУГАЯ АНАПА

Paul Kinkade
I agree with Kristi. Eating fish that way seems a little perverted.
Comment from : Paul Kinkade

simon kelly
Bet the sharks were relieved when someone caught that fka.....
Comment from : simon kelly

music sounds like a Porn Flik LOL
Comment from : TheRealJMzツ

Simon Bam
I am British and I have no idea what 600 grams is, what the hell is that in ounces?
Comment from : Simon Bam

Marie Austin
Us British know how to do a great piece of cod
Comment from : Marie Austin

Discovering Parallel
By the way, one bone and you're, dead! Eating fish like that without chewing that was fecking risky, they can't guarantee that it's boneless. Next time have a doctor ready big boy!
Comment from : Discovering Parallel

Discovering Parallel
Fecking Yanks flashing their $$$$ eating all the Fish and Chips running off with all the T shirts. Over paid, over eating and over here.....!
Comment from : Discovering Parallel

Why is God going to help him eat Fish n’ chips?
Comment from : SvenTviking

Andy Aim
We're you not worried about fish bones?
Comment from : Andy Aim

Zbigniew Słodki
Hahaha ulany typ pokazuje mięśnie. Dobry żart
Comment from : Zbigniew Słodki

Billy Big Bollocks
Eating that fish like a pornstar lol
Comment from : Billy Big Bollocks

nuff said
he reminded me of a mantis eating its prey
Comment from : nuff said

nuff said
ive just had fish and chips.and on buttered sarnie.
Comment from : nuff said

Peter Cavellini
Sorry, that’s not eating and enjoying, that’s competitive eating technique, plus, he’s eating the Fish first he’s not eating all there together, the Chips look greasy not cooked in dripping anymore it’s oil they cook them in now, no, this is eating to get rid of what’s in front of you , if he eats like 5his to enjoy it, then he’s got an eating disorder...😎, oh, by the way , there a little skinny girl in Canada who can eat an 80oz that’s 80oz Steak in under four that four minutes, beat that!!!😎
Comment from : Peter Cavellini

Peter Cavellini
Starter you wuss!!!😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Peter Cavellini

Mono Loco
I love this chippy
Comment from : Mono Loco

what a fucking loser. get a real sport ya fucking pig
Comment from : NONHALAL

Timothy Ellis
Love you randy, You make me hungey everytime i watch your videos on youtube! God bless.
Comment from : Timothy Ellis

Free certificate, free shirt, cost £20 Lol.
Comment from : kdlofty

They should have given you your money back as well. Stingy cunts.
Comment from : Carpetlay1

James Spencer
Comment from : James Spencer

Theres a chippy near me still cooks everything in beef dripping,fucking nothing like it.
Comment from : ِ

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