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Sydney Traveller Vlogs
2:20 nope don’t take such seats they’ve got the WORST IFE’s
Comment from : Sydney Traveller Vlogs

Jan Wullschleger
Thats exactly the same flight as i going to do in a couple weeks
Comment from : Jan Wullschleger

Nobuhiro Masuda
I usually fly business and economy.
Comment from : Nobuhiro Masuda

Nobuhiro Masuda
The A380 is so quiet so that the ASMR is so good
Comment from : Nobuhiro Masuda

She's from the land of the fake eye contacts
Comment from : Brian

Anonymous 69
This idiot is trying to make us fell poor
Comment from : Anonymous 69

jingyuan TAO
“yes,you hear right,Economy Class”
Comment from : jingyuan TAO

Leonardo Chen
JSYK: you can always ask for a second meal on the plane
Comment from : Leonardo Chen

❤️ the asmr dinner!!
Comment from : novemberain

The smiler Tv Animation
I always fly Emirates economy class
Comment from : The smiler Tv Animation

Ok you flight a lot. How do you deal with jetlag?
Comment from : XYZ Z

Thorsten Cremer
I love the EK A380 and the food was always tasty. I got the four middle seats in the B777 from Cgk-Dxb. The crew was so nice, and they bring me the extra pillow and belt, so they don't have to disturb when turbulences coming. Always bring notice canceling headphone!
Comment from : Thorsten Cremer

Diego Cockateil
Step 1: don't fly on economy class

(Its a joke btw)

Comment from : Diego Cockateil

Arthur Au Yeung
Because EK521?
Comment from : Arthur Au Yeung

Alessandro Tiberi
Comment from : Alessandro Tiberi

dis day dis vid was posted is when i got mwh braces
Comment from : EmaadPlayz

Kabir Hussain
i will go to emirates in ecomony
Comment from : Kabir Hussain

Victor Pelini
The A380 is a great plane, too bad it's a "failure" (economy wise)
Comment from : Victor Pelini

regi mathew
Sam can you do a flight review on air New Zealand 777-200 since that’s the no 1 airline of the year
Comment from : regi mathew

Beau Britton
I have camped out in economy several times, but it was back when coach was horrible, cramped in 3 seat configuration. Anchorage to Chicago several times a year. Most of the time it was available. Now I will only fly intra state (calif) coach. If the flight leaves California I’m in first.
Comment from : Beau Britton

Sam: But flying economy can be great too!
Me, a guy who can only afford economy forever: Are you sure about that.

Edit: this video is sponsored expert flyer dot com

Comment from : Hawkins

Sam: But flying economy can be great too!
Me, a guy who can only afford economy forever: Are you sure about that.

Comment from : Hawkins

MS Jeru
Hey give that A380 to me
Comment from : MS Jeru

Frankie O
Male flight attendants are beautiful.
Comment from : Frankie O

That's probably the best economy class I have ever seen in a airplane
Comment from : DYNXMIT3 OFFICIAL

Why does he do that wierd nodding when he speaks.
Comment from : DYNXMIT3 OFFICIAL

Beautiful dreams
Fuck i never enjoy flying i always get anxiety on the plane
Comment from : Beautiful dreams

Me: How to survive economy class... You just do.
Comment from : Ryan

Lee Kristian Kyle Mampolino
After watching this i realized... Im a survivor... Lol 😝😅😅😂
Comment from : Lee Kristian Kyle Mampolino

Thank you for this video i hate when i have to fly with peasants
Comment from : Leone

Jacqueline Molloy
That flight attendent has the fakest smile I could slap. I'd rather you be miserable
Comment from : Jacqueline Molloy

Shawn Zhang
Well u don’t need to survive on Emirates businesss class, try the other ones, some not the top ones
Comment from : Shawn Zhang

flex the CEO
Wow.. the audacity.. some people can’t even afford a taxi and your giving us a video on how to survive what’s known to be one of the best economy class airlines? Douchebag
Comment from : flex the CEO

Shut up Princess or next time I put you in the luggage compartment with crackers and a small bottle of water.
Fame makes you slowly lose your sense of reality. This title is vulgar for the majority of us.

Comment from : BOITES & BOCAUX

I wonder how many passports Sam has FILLED up all the way
Comment from : Desired2

Victor Waenerlund
Business Traveler here, I highly recommended a pair of socks known as - Support Socks

It makes sure that your feet don’t swell and that you've got a lower risk for blood clots.

Comment from : Victor Waenerlund

Francesco Ghera
I really like ur Chanel but i have to complain about this video! U talk about economy class as it was the worst things in Life, maybe forgetting that the most of the people use to fly on the economy! I repeat i like ur Chanel and u are really funny but this time i think u look unrespecful. Sorry for my english
Comment from : Francesco Ghera

Ludo Saenz
And because of this tipe of people the world doesn't move
Comment from : Ludo Saenz

Clearly Sam is better than all of us economy class folk. (p.s. still love you Sam my upper class you tuber you!)
Comment from : x129ual

Thạch Trần Kim
Challenge for Sam: Make a video on how to urvive Budget airline economy class on a high season :))
Comment from : Thạch Trần Kim

Eddie LB55
Emirates economy, especially the service you get from the staff is better than a lot of business class flights I have taken!
Comment from : Eddie LB55

Comment from : miyahtallulah

Isabella Mac
I could listen to him talk all day he is like a big bear
Comment from : Isabella Mac

Where the cabin crew is from. Russia
Comment from : gpierre90

Whys everyone bitching about the title. Did they completely miss the point and went straight to the "oh im so poor" comments.
Comment from : Vainth

Paul Mcphillips
Hi Sam, really enjoyed your video. I'm flying Qatar from Edinburgh to Manila via Doha, next week. Some good tip which I will take on board, as it were lol. And have a positive attitude to the flight, just like you. Keep up the good work, your videos are the best🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Comment from : Paul Mcphillips

Moses M
WHAT!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! As if everyone has money like you to travel in business class.. Some people are just grateful to fly and then there are people like you who will make them feel uncomfortable regarding their status in the society..
I feel sympathetic for you my brother cause your World is really very small even though you get to see so many places.. Just be happy and leave a good life And don't worry about all those people who traveling in economy. They already know how to survive even harder situations. Cheers 😎

Comment from : Moses M

Dolla Holla
U call eye masks an eyeshade it’s cute lol
Comment from : Dolla Holla

Anatole Gueneau
I love it how he’s watching a kids cartoon😂 3:53
Comment from : Anatole Gueneau

Chirag Kedia
I travelled indigo from Dubai to Mumbai...lied flat...had all seats to me... only 20-30 ppl in an a320 😂🙈😆
Comment from : Chirag Kedia

Aman Patel
BEEF beef
Comment from : Aman Patel

How to 'survive' economy? gosh, how terrible for Sam Chui to fly economy! The flight most of us every day folks take. The horror! 🤣😝
Comment from : Andy

Luke B
This title is something only someone who has only flown first and business class would say
Comment from : Luke B

Peter Empringham
Please at least have the manners to eat with your mouth closed when in a close up!
Comment from : Peter Empringham

Dheerajj Sangyam
😤 @sam, hey u make a lot of noise while you eat!!! 🤐🙄🙆
Comment from : Dheerajj Sangyam

ryan air please
Comment from : NPW

It's better than British Airways 🤢🤮
Comment from : Rid

Mikhail YUDIN
Comment from : Mikhail YUDIN

John Marlon
The only way economy can be good is to cancel the flight.
Comment from : John Marlon

Patrick Tilsley
See it’s kinda unfair! Some A380s have massive screens and some have screens that are almost half the size. It’s basically just luck. And btw I’m talking about Emirates
Comment from : Patrick Tilsley

Patrick Tilsley
Emirates economy is awesome!! Most people wouldn’t be complaining
Comment from : Patrick Tilsley

Robsterjeff Big man
sad easyJet and Ryanair noises
Comment from : Robsterjeff Big man

Mauro D'angelo
You need to learn how TO FUCKING EAT

Comment from : Mauro D'angelo

radical konrad
I usually like you but this video just stfu
Comment from : radical konrad

Sam : how to survive in emirates's economy class

Me : havent tried emirates at all, but hopefully in the future tho✌

Comment from : SlenderMannn

Gurung Uttada
Wow I like the policy of Emirates 👍
Comment from : Gurung Uttada

Daniel BRUNTON [08S2]
6:40 Me after finishing my Homework
Comment from : Daniel BRUNTON [08S2]

好可爱的熊熊 我可以
Comment from : 海口汪

Me: OMG am flying Emirates economy
Sam Chui: How to SURVIVE flying Emirates Economy class
Me: Am I a joke to you?

Comment from : TheUnknownWarriorYT

shagufta syed
Comment from : shagufta syed

Finn Lei Thomczyk
Dude what the heck emirates economy is one of the best in the market
Comment from : Finn Lei Thomczyk

I once flew from Frankfurt to Doha with Qatar Airways in the summer. There were literally 30 people on the plane. I could sit wherever I wanted.
Comment from : JustinsSupercars

Yes. I had the chance to lay out across the middle seats on an airplane. Because of fog in San Francisco I missed my flight to Japan so I chose to take a flight rerouted through Shanghai.
Comment from : JJerseyGirl

超看不慣坐在經濟艙𥚃的你 還是頭等艙𥚃的你看來帥氣多了 用餐時候的氣質都不一樣
Comment from : C C

The Shadow Man
The best long haul economy flight I had was with Swiss where I was able to chose a front row seat without any extra payment. Respect to Swiss for not trying squeeze people out
Comment from : The Shadow Man

Mickey Takahashi
I did. It was much better than B-class.
Comment from : Mickey Takahashi

Oby Emefile
I have had the chance luckily 😹😹
Comment from : Oby Emefile

Bobby Berg
The asmr though
Comment from : Bobby Berg

Nabeel Fazal
Thanks Bro for this info about MARHABA lounge, next time I'll try

Comment from : Nabeel Fazal

Ravi K
It is promoted one?
Comment from : Ravi K

pedro pinheiro
April 2018, first long range flight 😱 from Frankfurt to Singapore @380 Lufthansa middle row, flat bed, 7h sleepping 🤣😂
Comment from : pedro pinheiro

Jim Braun
Take 2 Excedrin PM's about an hour before lift off .
Comment from : Jim Braun

Rupal M
What kind of video title this is? How many people can efford business class?
Comment from : Rupal M

YSR Empire
Bro calm ur shit down seriously! Emirates economy class and survive??!!! Thumbs down 1,00,000 times.
Comment from : YSR Empire

Krisztián Gulyás
sam chui flying economy:how to survive
me flying economy class:im the happiest people in the world that i can fly
Sam you're stupid someone hasn't got home, fodd etc.
Be grateful please for every little thing

Comment from : Krisztián Gulyás

Pallavi Kandasamy
Exactly I had to sleep on 4 seats twice on September from Dubai on Emirates
Well I was so lucky they said u can move to the business class rather than sleeping on 4 seats 💺 😏

Comment from : Pallavi Kandasamy

Yasir Javed
I always like flying in emirates which ever class it is
Comment from : Yasir Javed

Henry Lu
I now wanna ask sam...

"has he ever flown on budget airline?"

Comment from : Henry Lu

Daniel Oyakhire
Wow, What a stupid title, unsubbed
Comment from : Daniel Oyakhire

this guy comes across as seriously stuck up , boo hoo he had to fly emirates economy from dubai , awful just awful that poor man
Comment from : shutup

Vassquett Sumbo
Na minha viagem para Nova York também tive a sorte de sentar sozinho na fila do meio cheguei a pensar o mesmo quem precisa de 1° classe 😂😂😂
Comment from : Vassquett Sumbo

Paul Clare
One day I hope too fly Emirates, I’m in mid 40s and only flown 8 times all short too medium haul on budget package holiday operators. I still feel like a king just to be able too do this! Thanks Sam for living my dream!
Comment from : Paul Clare

Dziobaczek Gadułka
I think that flying in economy is better even if you can easily afford the business or first class. You just can spend the rest of your money on something else that is not as fleeting, ephemeral as a flight. I understand that it might be fun for the first time but the 100th time on board in either business or first is just a loss of money that could have been spent for investments, consumption or saved. Remember that this is only my opinion and everybody can spend their money as they want to.
Comment from : Dziobaczek Gadułka

Farhan/ Power
I am on 5:22 and I think that women is from Russia because back in my day I use to play overwatch (even though I’m 13) and I remember Zarya saying preveite I was wrong
Comment from : Farhan/ Power

Life Student
If I had a dollar for everytime he says economy class.....
Comment from : Life Student

bas Van Bogget
Comment from : bas Van Bogget

Comment from : Teson

Paul Power
My guess is Kazakhstan! I subscribed to your channel! Just call me Paul!
Comment from : Paul Power

Harry Brown VIDEOS
Took me about 100 comments just to find one positive comment
Comment from : Harry Brown VIDEOS

Emirates economy is equal to business for some airlines.
Comment from : redorange

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